I have been reading about different thoughts and opinions people have about who the antichrist is, and where they think he'll come from. There are a lot of different opinions when it comes to this subject, but as I was reading some of them the Lord brought a statement I've made in the past to my mind. As I have talked with people, especially the last few years, I've made the same statement a hundred times. I've told people, "If the Devil ever showed up as himself, you'd recognize him immediately. Instead, he shows up as a version of something that may seem to be good, or even of God. But by the time he is finished in his deception, what seemed to be harmless, turns out to be a scheme designed to destroy you. The Devil never shows up as the Devil, he always shows up as an "Angel of Light".
If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. The most horrific and evil people in this world have never introduced themselves like, "Hi, my name is Bob, and I'm going to cut you into small pieces and eat you." A child molester never goes up to a child and says, "Hi, I'm Chester the child molester, and I'm going to take you away from your parents forever and cause you a lot of harm." Instead they are very deceptive and manipulative in their actions, while claiming to be harmless and helpful. But if you notice, a common denominator in the most evil of people is that after a while, their greed for more and arrogance always leads to their destruction. As they get bolder and more confident in their ability to get away with their crime, they get more lax and less worried about hiding who they really are. Is it not interesting that these evil men and women, fall into the same trap as the Devil himself?
I don't know about you, but the things that have hurt me the most in my life never looked hurtful or evil from the beginning. It was only after I was in the middle of it fighting for my life that I could truly see it for what it really was. Even then if it were not for God's help and wisdom, there would have been no way I could have been able to discern what was happening, what to do, or how to get out. Some people might say, "I can't believe you were stupid enough to have gotten in that situation to begin with." But I would say, thank God that I endured those things in my past, because maybe now I won't be blind to them in my future. I would rather endure trials in this life that brought me to a deeper understanding of Christ and the works of my enemy, than to die in my foolish blindness engulfed in a false sense of reality.
I guess my main point in sharing this is in hopes that you might realize something. As I read through these different writings on Antichrist I noticed a very common denominator. It seemed that in most every case, the writer seemed to believe that Antichrist was going to just burst on the scene as the Antichrist. But that couldn't be further from the truth. The Antichrist is already on the scene and has been since Paul said, "The Spirit of Antichrist is already at work", over 2000 years ago. He has never shown himself as Antichrist, instead he has shown himself as false truths, false prophets, and a false sense of who God truly is. He has hid behind pulpits, claiming to preach the Gospel. He has fought for "Religious" freedom in the name of God, and today he has enveloped himself in equal rights and free speech. All of which seem good and true, but underneath are seeking to destroy the foundations of the Truth of the Gospel and God's Word. Jesus said, "Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves." These words not only pertain to the truth of the Gospel, but to anything that may seem to be good. But without a doubt, if it does not agree completely with the Word of God, it is in no way good at all.
Just remember, you will never hear the Devil say, "Hi, I'm the Devil. Follow me." But he will always tell you, "Hi, I'm God. Do you need a ride home?"


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I have been reading about different thoughts and opinions people have about who the antichrist is, and where they think he'll come from.


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